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FEELGOODink is a non-profit organization whose focus is to send thoughtful acts of love, light, compassion, and positivity to those who need it most through PostCards. 

Ask yourself this: "when was the last time you received something truly inspiring in the mail?"

Here at FEELGOODink, we aim to change that.

Our mission is to help touch the hearts' of people and to brighten lives, one PostCard at a time. 


Each of our PostCards feature one-of-a-kind artwork and doodles that are done by communities, for people of communities.


Our Creative Writing Team does all the handwritten messages and positive affirmations. These FEELGOOD messages will impact the lives of others through positivity and motivation!"

The FGI's hope and goal is to leave the world a more positive place than we found it; by fighting depression and loneliness, we believe we can help boost self-love and moral, while promoting and inspiring productivity in our world.  




Brendon Fisher

Mr. Brightside


Born and raised in Southern California, I have lived in many places. From the great city of Los Angeles to the beautiful shores of Oahu, I've experienced life in the Mid-West as well as the fast-paced-streets of New York City. 

Having had numerous adventures as an entrepreneur – both high and low, good and not-so-good – I came face-to-face with a deep and common challenge all entrepreneurs/people experience at one point or another.  


I suffered from a great depression, due to the extreme loneliness caused by the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Long days/nights away from home, lack of social atmosphere due to the commitments of a self-run business, and little-to-no-support from my personal network, ultimately causing the loss of a very valued relationship.

During this time in my life, I conceived and created FGI, so that others can have a light in their lives when everything can seem so dark.

I seek to help others maneuver through their own dark experiences; I'm ever so grateful for the people who influenced me to push this cause forward.

Community Relations Manager


Justin Bliss

Happy Go Lucky


Director of Resources

I am a husband, father, nerd, and entrepreneur. 


My passion/experience is with code and technology advancement. I grew up in SoCal but have spent years in Texas and Arizona.

While traveling one thing that I came to realize was community and helping those in need is prevalent in some regions, but overall missing in this country and world. 


I joined FEELGOODink to create a culture that helps positively influence others in need.

As a true nerd I end with one of my favorite quotes that I always reflected on "If there is nothing but what we make in this world, brothers, let us make it good!" - Beta Ray Bill


Annie Lindgren

Peace of Swedish


Community Relations Director

cs 6.png

Meet our Friends

Writing Director 

Mary Jane Dela Cruz

The Positive Sailor 


I am a trilingual Filipino American citizen born on the island of Luzon, Philippines. I’m currently finishing a social science degree at Stanislaus State and I work with children on the Autism spectrum.


In my early 20s I found myself lost and without a voice for years until I got the help I needed. I was eventually diagnosed with clinical depression and complex ptsd which led me to receive the care that was essential for my well being.


I believe in the idea that one simple gesture can impact someone’s life forever. As for my own philosophy, everything I do from this day on forth, will be to help change the world from what it is now, to a better future, one moment at a time.


That’s why I joined FEELGOODInk. Time is a fickle reality and every moment counts.


I want to help fight the stigma of depression and spread the notion that everyone deserves to be heard.

Social Media Coordinator

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