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Community Artwork and Doodles

All of the amazing artwork comes from community members such as educational institutions, public and private schools, creative coloring parties, other event groups, and organizations. 

We supply all of our special FEELGOODink PostCards.

The community contributes their time by drawing really fun, creative, and awesome little pieces of art work on the "front" of the PostCards.


Join the FGI community; together we can bring awareness to loneliness and depression, while providing a beacon of hope and happiness. 

WORDS of Positivity and Love

When the PostCards are returned to us, we pass them over to our writing team for handwritten messages of positive affirmations, joyful quotes, and feel good uplifting vibes.

During this time, the PostCards get distributed to their respective outgoing boxes for proper delivery. 

Some are personalized by requests from loved ones and friends, others are for hospitals and children's care facilities, elderly centers, and the such; the list truly goes on.

Love is a simple gesture and everyone deserves to feel good. 

DELIVERY that Feels Good

The final step is to mail them out to their respective destinations. 

Most PostCards are mailed individually each person, but other situations call for a different method of delivery.  


For example PostCards sent to hospitals, group homes, and senior centers are bundled together and sent off in one big care package of love and happiness to their respective point of contact for final delivery.

If you've made it this far into How It Works, we thank you for your time. :)


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