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We welcome all Teachers and Educators to get involved with the FEELGOODink project.  

Are you cultivating leaders with a service mindset?  Does your ASB have a social project idea or want to make a positive impact in your community?  


Get your class or entire school involved!

FEELGOODink would love to send you PostCards to beautify with your custom artwork!  Your students’ art is the best contribution anyone can make for this great cause.

We gladly work with specific classrooms or your school site by providing all the art supplies needed for the project – and Teachers get to keep the art supplies for your other classroom projects! 


Contact our Educational Liaison to schedule your Community Service Project today!

This is a great and fun way to get involved with the communities

Review the following steps below to get started.


1.) Contact us, with your information and class size so we can send the appropriate amount of PostCards and Art Supplies. 

2.) We will then send you a package with: Instructions, PostCards, Art Supplies, Return Package, and Shipping Label.

3.) Have fun, color, and send back the PostCards!

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